Some Circles Start Somewhere

Director: John Morgan

Editor: Adrian Salinas

Synopsis: The completeness and continuity of the “circle” is a defining theme for New York fashion designers Three As Four. Many of their designs begin as circular patterns and some- when laid flat – still retain that shape. One of their breakthrough pieces was the eponymous, “Circle Bag.” A shoulder bag in the shape of a circle with a smaller circle in the center.

“Some Circles Start Somewhere” attempts to capture the circular cycle of the creation process of Three As Four in the 24 hour period before a recent show. Beginning tranquilly on one of the ever-present mirror balls which spin endlessly overhead in their studio, we move through the chaos of the creation and preparation, before thematically ending up back to where we started, on a gently spinning object – specifically, one of their designs as worn by a model during the fashion show.

The film was shot in New York at Three As Four studio in Chinatown and at Deitch Gallery in 2006.

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