My Documentary Harvest of Loneliness is going to be on PBS in September Nation Wide as part as the Hispanic Heretage Month!!

Watch the film on these stations:

KQED, San Francisco – Sept. 3, 5 p.m.; Sept. 21, 9 a.m., 12 p.m.

WTVS, Detroit – Sept. 4, 3 p.m.

KPBS, San Diego – Sept. 5, 10 p.m.

KRCB, Sonoma, County – Sept. 13, 9 p.m.

KCET, Los Angeles – Sept. 15, 9:30 p.m.

KOCE, Orange County – Sept. 18, 5 p.m.

WMVT Milwaukee – Sept. 18, 11 p.m.

KOCE, The OC  – Sept. 20, 1 p.m.; Sept. 27, 10 p.m.

WSIU-HD, Carbondale, Ill. and WUSI-HD, Olney, Ill. – Sept 21, 11 p.m.

WHUT-HD, Washington D.C. – Sept 24, 10 p.m.; Sept. 25, 2 a.m.

KLCS, Los Angeles – Sept. 25, 10 p.m.; Oct. 4, 10 p.m.

KSPS-TV, Spokane – Oct. 2, 2 p.m.

Nebraska ETV – Oct. 5, 9 a.m.

AOL TV, Johnson City, Tenn.; KCTS 9, Seattle – Oct. 6, 10 p.m.; Oct. 9, 2 a.m.

KAET Eight, Phoenix; WVPT, Harrisburg, Va; WXEL, West Palm Beach, Fla.; WXXI, Rochester, NY; Louisiana Public Television – check local listings


Amsterdam Film Festival

Harvest of Loneliness won the


Best Educational Film Award!!!!


It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards.

This has been a truly remarkable year for the Amsterdam Film Festival.  The contest received a wide variety of submissions representing top storytellers from over 20 countries around the world.  The quality of the work that we had the honor of reviewing was simply astounding.  Judging from among this exceptionally high caliber of filmmaking talent proved to be extremely difficult as there were so many unique, well-made and worthy projects.  After several months of careful consideration, we present to you the very best of of the 2011 competition.

Best Educational Film: Harvest of Loneliness

directed by Gilbert Gonzalez, Vivian Price, & Adrian Salinas

Wonderful News!!!