Hi, welcome to my website, what started out as a portfolio turned into a scrapbook for things I find interesting, how needs a website nowadays anyway welcome to my website where you’ll find a selection of work including commercials, film, collage, photography, and digital art.

Thank you for your visit, if you enjoy my work drop me a line

A few bullet points about me:

  • I was born in Mexico City.
  • 1/2 of Bluelue an apparel brand for people embracing an alternative lifestyle
  • I Lived in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua for 1 year, every day I crossed the border to go to school in El Paso, Tx. every day…
  • I was once featured on Life Magazine alongside Charlize Theron and Rob Lowe for my celebrity mullet 
  • Co-Directed and Edited a documentary about the Bracero Program
  • The first theatrical campaign I ever worked on was Herbie Fully Loaded in 2005, back when Lindsey Lohan was a Disney star.


"Triangulo" Collage - work in progress
“Triangulo” Collage, work in progress 2018



  • Telly Award, Isla de las Muñecas, Warner Bros. Annabelle Creation, Producer / Creative Director, 2018
  • Peter Rollins Film Award Best Documentary – Harvest of Loneliness 2012
  • Van Gogh Award Amsterdam Film Festival Best Educational Film – Harvest of Loneliness:2011
  • Documentary Audience Award, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2010, Harvest of Loneliness
  • Nomination, Pantalla de Cristal Award for Best Editing, Naco es Chido, 2010


2010 Harvest of Loneliness. Co-Director – Editor
2009 Naco Es Chido. La verdadera historia de Botellita de jerez. Editor
2009 Harvest of empire. Assistant Editor.
2009 Primos. Editor
2009 Trapped in 5150. Editor
2008 How 2 Build A Rapper. Film Editor, Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist
2006 Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano. Co-Editor


2010 Salton Sea @ Autumn Lights, Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Video Selection @ “I AM ART”, Los Angeles, Ca.
2010 Chica Sensual @ Heure Exquise! MUSICVIDEOART#5, Normandie, France
2009 MONO LAKE@Uno ALL ONE AL Centro, Newark National Building, Newark, NJ
2009 DEEFE@Uno ALL ONE AL Centro, Newark National Building, Newark, NJ
2009 POP WARS@Uno ALL ONE AL Centro, Newark National Building, Newark, NJ
2009 MONO LAKE@ Autumn Lights, Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA
2009 POP WARS@Visual Deflections, Shordich, London, U.K.
2008 POP WARS@Mexparismental, Paris, France
2006 DEEFE@Festival de Cine de la Frontera, Tijuana, Mexico
2004 Untitled#6@Causa Defecto, Centro De la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico