Sonja and I will Be participating in BUDDHA FEST

Sonja and I will Be participating in BUDDHA FEST Los Angeles This Saturday, OCTOBER 23rd, Sonja will be Selling her Paintings and Graphics and I’ll be Doing Visuals at the Chill out Dome, Come Hang with us and find out everything there is to know about Prop 19, Doc Marty will be Djing ( Remember the 90’s) Electric Skychurch (another blast form the past) some really cool dub and reggae, If nothing else there will be copious amounts of ganja. 


CANNABIS Awareness Event

Californians have a chance to determine the legality of Cannabis with the historic vote on Prop 19 on election day November 2nd,2010.

BUDDHA FEST is neither for nor against Prop 19 but has set out to raise awareness and rally to get out the vote. Believing that all adults 21 years of age should be free to choose what they like and dislike Buddha Fest is open to both sides of the argument and invites you to voice your humble opinion on Prop 19

BUDDHA FEST On Oct. 23rd- come downtown to BUDDHA FEST with Musicians, DJ’S, the JACK HERER awards, roaming performance artists, sound healers, activists, politicians, International Art gallery, vendors selling hemp goods from around the world, Doctors to evaluate for Cannabis prescriptions, Los Angeles’s best food trucks and more with 10 areas of exploration at the giant private L.A. Center Studios located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. With Live streaming ~ all day and night under the perfect autumn full moon.

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