Sqysh Fysh presents: A Nightmare before Xmas


I’m DJing at Area 33 for the Sqysh Fysh fundraiser,

I also have a Underwater video installation this night

Remember that three eyed lanternfish (the Sqysh Fysh) art car on the playa? The wonky beast is finally having it’s first fundraiser after two years on the playa. Help preserve this endangered species from extinction~

Sqysh Fysh presents: A Nightmare before Xmas

Come party your Xmas balls off at AREA 33

Saturday 12.19.09 @ Area 33 from 10pm – 6am

~Knowa Knowone (Street RitualMuti Music, SF)

~Pumpkin (Kabinet Theatre, Wandering Marionettes)

~Just added: Braden

~Gabe (Sqysh Fysh, didJital)


A little dubstep, glitchy grime, wobbly house, and bassy cumbia, mmmhmmm.

Live performance: Aerial Hoop / Acrobatic Stilt-Dance / Rob Juggling, LAPhotobooth, covered patio, fire pit, food. Full cash bar + ATM.

Area 33, 11822 Teale Street, Culver City

Presale tickets available now. (Limited $10 tickets, get em while they last!)

$10 before 11pm, $15 after.

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